Sunday, December 28, 2008

Slow Linux screen refresh over Lights-Out Virtual KVM

I have been reinstalling Linux (Centos 5.2) on a DL140 G3. I am working from home over the holidays so I needed to do it using the iLO Virtual KVM and an ISO mounted with the virtual CD Rom.

I'm RDP-ing to a Windows XP VM which is on the same 100Mbit network as the iLO device as the, to make sure that the virtual CD is speedy.

I found that RDP on top of the KVM screen is really slow at refreshing the whole screen, and sometimes only partial sections update - even in text install mode.

In the end, the best method seems to be to use the vga parameter in text mode, when confronted with the CD boot prompt. A-la:
# linux text vga=771