Monday, January 31, 2011

Telecom NZ Thomson TG585v8 with Apple, Airprint and HP Photosmart e-AIO WORKING

My mother-in-law has a Thomson TG585 v8 Router, which is the stock standard unit currently supplied by Telecom NZ with new connections.

I had serious trouble getting my MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhones to connect to the router's WiFi network. We were staying for a week on holiday, so it was a must-have to get connectivity working.

Boy oh boy what a mission.

I rang Telecom (a-la 0800 INDIA) and got told that there is a known issue with Apple devices connecting to this model Thomson router. Good start. He stepped me through turning off 802.11n, which made some improvement, but it didn't fix the problem entirely. I still had to reboot my MBP every time I woke it up from sleep, otherwise it would complain about the WiFi passphrase being incorrect.

To top it off, the mother-in-law bought an AirPrint enable printer yesterday, at my recommendation. It is the HP Photosmart e-AIO B110a, which supports AirPrint after a simple onboard firmware upgrade.

After dicking around setting up the printer onto the WiFi, getting drivers installed, and all the bundled HP crapware onto her HP laptop, I found that AirPrint didn't work on the iDevices very well, if at all. Most of the time, the iPad/iPhone would just say "Printer not found". Bad look for me and my recommendations.

We are heading back home today, so it was incumbent on me to make sure all things work before leaving! After a bit of trial and error configuring the router, I've figured out the settings that seem to work for all Apple devices, non-Apple devices, and the HP wireless printer.

Interface Type: 802.11b/g
Channel Selection: Automatic
Allow multicast from Broadband Network: (Ticked)
Use WPA-PSK Encryption: (Selected)
WPA-PSK Version: WPA2



Unknown said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coldplayplayer said...

Dude, I've had nightmares with this router trying to get Home Sharing from my iMac working with the iPad, iPhones and Apple TV. It keeps dropping out and you have to reset the router to get it talking to the wireless devices again! I tried probably every combination except those you've listed. I'll give that a crack and if no joy, perhaps I'll have to spend some money and get a modem router that can do wi-fi properly. Certainly doesn't help you can't upgrade the telecom TG585v8 to the latest firmware version, which apparently addressed the wi-fi issues with apple products.

Unknown said...

Thanks, man. This seems to have done the trick! A friend of mine runs OS X, so it was convenient to skip learning troubleshooting techniques on OS X and just follow this blog post.

Unknown said...

Bah, after the laptop sleeps, it doesn't work any more. Thanks any way!

Wjwt said...

Thank you - this works like a charm, was having no joy adding an Airport Express to a network using a Thomson router until I saw your blog. Magic!

Eliza said...

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Eliza Beth said...

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